An afternoon with Dave Smart of 900 GLOBAL

Who better to learn about ball dynamics than from someone who has spent a good part of his life working with probowlers? Dave Smart is a former ball driller for probowlers and PBA Tour Technical Consultant.

Yesterday, Dave, who now represents 900 Global Headquarters in Texas, USA, was in town to conduct a 900 Global and AMF Bowling Clinic and Ball Demonstration organised by SHR Bowling Proshop and Trocadero Bowl. 

Having recommended some of these bowling balls to my students, I was all ears to hear bowling tips I could take away with me.

I would like to share some of them with you here. They echo what I have been teaching all these years.

Your Goals As A Bowler
To have…
– Right ball
   with Proper Surface
   with Proper Drilling layout
– All of which matches up with your style and lane condition.

Most Important Bowler Traits
– Locate where the bowler tracks (PAP)
   Bowler’s rev rate and ball speed
– Bowler’s axis of rotation
   10 Degrees  or  45 Degrees  or  90 Degrees

Most Important Ball Traits
– 3 Key components in order of importance
   Surface friction (Coverstock and Finish)
   Core dynamics (RG and Differential)
   Drill pattern (Weak,Medium,Strong layouts)

Good Bowlers Have This In Common
– A loose and free arm swing
– Their feet keep pace with their arm swing
– Use Bowler’s Tape to keep a consistent feel
   You should never have to SQUEEZE the ball
– Don’t HIT the ball. Release the ball on the down swing.

You can watch a recent clinic conducted in Hong Kong by Dave Smart and PBA bowler Robert Smith here…

Watch out for more bowling tips and exciting announcements in the coming weeks!

Happy bowling



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