A Tribute To A Great Bowling Coach

Some of you may have wondered why our bowling blog has been inactive for many months now. Some of you may know why.

It has been difficult to pen the reason, as there’s a feeling of finality that is always painful when we have to let a loved one go.

Jonathan was diagnosed with prostate metastatic cancer in January of 2009. Whilst we were told he had between 2-5 years to live, our hopes were always high that he would respond well to treatment and beat the death sentence. Truth be told, only a handful of people were aware of his illness as he responded well to his medications. However, we knew the day would come when the cancer cells would become uncontrollable.


We knew his days of coaching on the lanes were limited. Because of his love and passion for the sport of tenpin bowling, we decided to set up a membership site where bowlers could learn online, a comprehensive home study training program to take their bowling to the next level.

Jonathan had already published his set of 5-ebooks under his ABC To Bowling Strikes & Spares label in 2008. This was just going to be an extension of those instructions. It took well over 2 years to put everything together. He wanted to include a full set of new illustrations he laboriously and passionately created to make his training modules as simple as possible to understand…in a way only an experienced and passionate coach with a background in graphic design was capable of doing.

Jonathan had decided to package all his knowledge and experience in the sport of tenpin bowling for the generations to come, as he believed all aspiring bowlers should have a level playing field and have access at the very least, to the basics of bowling. He knew there were a lot of free materials floating around, but many were either rehashed or with almost incomprehensible ‘copy and paste’ photos and illustrations.

BOWLEXCEL Online Academy (www.BowlExcel.com) prelaunched in June 2011. So Jonathan was able to see his legacy partly come to fruition. Since then, several bowlers from across the globe have already completed his full online training course. Here are some unsolicited comments sent to us through the mail (unedited).

Jonathan lost his battle with cancer and was called back to be with the Lord on Valentine’s Day (February 14) surrounded by his family, loved ones and close friends. His love and passion for bowling and the people associated with the sport can be seen in the out pouring of condolences on our personal Facebook pages immediately after news broke out among the local bowling fraternity.

It has taken me eight months to finally acknowledge I must make this posting about his passing. What better way to honor his memory than to do something very special for the bowling community? Today (October 15) marks his birthday. I have decided to do a very SPECIAL LAUNCH of the last project Jonathan was involved with. A pet program he labored through to complete as his legacy for the sport that took up most of his time and his life.

Follow this link to check out for yourself whether your bowling can benefit from this offer. Find out how you can qualify for a complimentary copy of Jonathan’s never published and fully illustrated 38-page BALL DYNAMICS. This is a definite must-have manual for that unfair advantage over your opponents.

May God Bless You and please spare a thought for Jonathan in your prayers.

To your bowling success

Ivy Chai

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