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Hello and welcome to my weblog.

My name is Jonathan or ‘Uncle Jon’ as known to many Malaysian youth bowlers. I have been involved with bowling since my College days in London way back in the mid 1960’s. That’s a lot of years for many of you!

On my return from England, I continued my passion for bowling by actively taking part in Leagues and Tournaments. This spilled over to becoming a certified WTBA / ABF coach to impart my knowledge on bowling to the younger generation.

To date, I have trained hundreds of youths in Malaysia, and a number of them have gone on to become National and International Champions. I have been involved with the country’s Youth Development Program since its inception in the late 1980’s, and been Head Coach to several States. Today, I run my own private BOWLEXCEL coaching program.

My forte is Youth Development. I also conduct coaching clinics for private individuals, corporations, schools and universities. Many overseas bowlers have also travelled across the seas to be coached by me.

My latest contribution to tenpin bowling in the country would be my books on bowling. I have recently published a series of books on bowling, based on my experience, course studies, seminars and research…in a precise and concise step-by-step tutorial with easy-to-follow diagrams. They are currently available in .pdf downloadable version at this website:

Please feel free to check them out.

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