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An afternoon with Dave Smart of 900 GLOBAL

Who better to learn about ball dynamics than from someone who has spent a good part of his life working with probowlers? Dave Smart is a former ball driller for probowlers and PBA Tour Technical Consultant.

Yesterday, Dave, who now represents 900 Global Headquarters in Texas, USA, was in town to conduct a 900 Global and AMF Bowling Clinic and Ball Demonstration organised by SHR Bowling Proshop and Trocadero Bowl. 

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Natasha and Qalif are our new youth bowling champions…

After 9 Legs of intense competition to earn a berth at the SPORTEXCEL-NSC-MILO-MTBC JUNIOR CIRCUIT 2010 GP FINALS, the journey ended for 82 aspiring champions over the weekend. There can only be one champion each in the 6 categories. A total of 88 youths from East and West Malaysia qualified for the sort of ‘tournament of tournaments’ for the youth bowling community.

The annual SPORTEXCEL Junior Circuits have unearthed many raw talents over the years. As a coach who was involved with the country’s Youth Development Program since its inception in the late 1980s until about two years ago, I note with regret the lack of committed state associations this time around. The results show that only a few of them are committed to developing the sport of tenpin bowling in their home states. Every state will have a pool of talent. These youths have to be nurtured and given the best training at the grassroot level before they can be groomed for more competitive tournaments. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Dominant Eye Phenomenon

As bowlers and as coaches, we all know about the “Dominant Eye” theory.

It is commonly thought that a right eye dominant person will miss the mark by as much as 2 boards to the left, and vice-versa. However, your dominant eye “inaccuracy” may not be the same over different parts of the lane. That is to say, when you are standing in the middle and aiming for the second arrow, you might miss by 2 boards. Yet, when you stand two dots right-of-center aiming for the second arrow, you might not need to make any adjustment.

In light of what we know or have been made to believe is true, I made an amazing discovery recently. Read the rest of this entry »

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