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Missy Bellinder:”Any dream is a dream worth fighting for”

 American Missy Bellinder has achieved her dream of becoming a Pro Bowler. Strange as it may seem to some, but this young lady’s ambition has always been to become a bowler. She says “most kids will respond with ‘be a doctor’, ‘be an engineer’, ‘a teacher’ etc. Hers had always been ‘be a bowler’.

Missy practically grew up at a bowling alley. Her father Frank is a long time PBA member and owns and operates a proshop. She started bowling at the age of 2+ yrs…by sitting near the foul line and pushing the ball onto the lane!

Missy turned pro in 2004 at the age of 22 yrs. The PBA Women’s series is a small tour. Currently it only lasts from October to January. Missy’s dream is for it to expand to a bigger tour.

Missy is also a member of the Men’s PBA Regionals and is the only woman with 2 Regional titles. Her favorite quote is: “Any dream is a dream worth fighting for”.

Her advice to bowling aspirants is: “Don’t be afraid to study overseas. Try new things”. A sound advice indeed, as exposure is most important for inner growth.

As for her trip to Malaysia for the Canon Malaysian Open, Missy had fun, but is disappointed that the pins didn’t co-operate when they mattered most. She failed to proceed to the finals even though she felt she bowled well…”just not my day”.

When she’s not on a bowling tour, Missy Bllinder spends her time coaching. She’s been coaching since she was 16 yrs old and loves coaching! She’s also a USBC certified Bowling Instructor.

You can check out more about Missy by visiting her website:

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