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Multiple Releases For Different Lane Conditions

JonOver the past fortnight I’ve conducted two bowling clinics. Part of it focused on the importance of knowing multiple releases.

I regularly get bowlers coming to me asking: ‘How do I make my ball hook? How do I make my ball enter the pocket at an angle?’ Some only want to know that because it looks good! But there are others who realize that this knowledge is crucial for lifting their game to the next level.

Bowlers who attended my Intermediate Level bowling clinics were also subject to reviewing their basic fundamentals to ensure they are well versed with their bowling foundation. Without this foundation, it’s difficult to progress further.

Bowlers were taught among other things:

The LIFT RELEASE (definition: an upward movement)

The TURN RELEASE (definition: rotation around the ball)

The TURN & LIFT RELEASE (definition: a rotation of the hand beginning from behind the ball moving to the side of the ball, at which point an upward force is applied to the ball)

The LIFT & TURN RELEASE (definition: turn created by the function of lifting upward)

Above video clip shows me demonstrating that you can create different degrees of Axis of Rotation to nail that perfect strike! Just apply your knowledge on the lanes.

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To your bowling success


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