“I’ve been notching up a very good average lately that I’ve even shocked myself”…Robert Aw (Middlesex)

jonathan A bowler from England who got a set of my ebooks last year was in town a few months ago. He’s actually a former Malaysian who now resides in the UK.

We met up and the conversation of course reverted around the subject of tenpin bowling. Robert Aw has been passionate about bowling for the past 15 years or so. It was an injury to his left leg while playing badminton that made him turn to bowling…a less strenuous sport, according to him

Jonathan & Robert Aw

Robert practises 5 days a week and takes part in weekend tournaments, Leagues and County matches. In 2006 he won the Middlesex County Championships, and the Scottish Doubles in 2008. Robert’s current average is around 210-215. He hopes to improve on that.

Whenever his game suffers, Robert will go back to reading up stuff from his library of bowling books. He says my ‘ABC’ books on bowling have given him a lot of extra knowledge he had never known before.

“I’ve been notching up a very good average lately that I’ve even shocked myself. The tips I got from your books have eliminated my drifting problems. I’ve improved on my revs and got more side roll on my bowling balls. In Malaysia here with you today, you’ve just taught me about the dominant eye and foot placement. I’ll certainly practice these tips when I go back home to UK.

In a recent email to us, Robert said he shot his 5th 300 series last Dec and he’s elated about it. I hope to hear more good news from him in the future.

If you wish to get your hands on a good solid and proven system, you should check out my Special Offers page. It might just be what you’re looking for.

Enjoy your bowling and I’ll be seeing you at the Malaysian Open Championships next week.




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The Perfect Strike

Jon How do we achieve high scores in a game of bowling? We string as many strikes as possible! Needless to say, we pick up all remaining spares as well.

To understand how we are able to consistently shoot strike after strike, we have to understand the mechanics of bowling. This in itself is a complex subject and I won’t go into that today. I will only share with you how a ‘Perfect Strike’ works.

The Perfect Strike

When your bowling ball enters the 1-3 pocket, the 1pin will take out the 2 pin; the 2 pin will take out the 4 pin; and the 4 pin will take out the 7 pin. Simultaneously, the 3 pin will take out the 6 pin; and the 6 pin will take out the 10 pin. Meanwhile, the ball will continue to hook into the 5 pin which takes out the 8 pin. The ball will also deflect from the 5 pin into the 9 pin, thereby giving you the ‘Perfect Strike’ shot.

Visualize this picture everytime you make a pocket shot and you’ll be giving high-5s all the time!

Enjoy your bowling…


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Typical Pindeck Setup

  I am surprised that many bowlers are not aware of a typical pindeck setup. So for the benefit of these people I have a diagram here that I hope will be able to assist you with your game.

Knowing how the pins are setup and the distance between the various pins will give you a clearer picture and an understanding when converting spares.

Many of us miss pin 5 because we think it is in the same position as pin 1. Usually, we will miss pin 5 on the left side because we tend to shoot from the same position as the STRIKE shot. We can’t be more wrong!

When trying to spare pin 5 or any combination of pins that places the 5 pin at the front, eg. 5-8, 5-9 or 5-8-9 combinations, we should make a slight adjustment of 2 boards left from the starting position.

Hope this helps…why not give it a try?

Meanwhile, stay tuned till next week when I’ll be sharing tips on how a ‘Perfect Strike’ works.

Happy bowling…


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