Bowling Pins and Some Interesting Facts

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For the sake of complete information, bowling is a game in which players attempt to score points by rolling a ball along a flat surface called a lane to knock down objects called bowling pins. The least the throw it takes to knock the balls down, the bigger the score. The player with the highest total score wins. Simple enough? Good, because we’ll chat about the bowling pins.

The American Bowling Congress (ABC) is the one responsible for controlling bowling pins specification. There are tight tolerances placed upon every bowling pin to ensure that every bowling pin in the game of bowling is standard.

As we all know, there are various ways to play bowling, but only those indoor types of bowling employ the use of pins and lanes. To enumerate, these are the ten-pin, nine-pin, five-pin, duckpin and candlepin bowling. All the pins used are roughly of the same shape, a flower vase-like shape with a rounded head, except for candlepin bowling which has, as the name implies candle shaped pins.

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Learn Bowling Skills Online

After a short hiatus from the bowling scene to recuperate a medical condition, I am happy to announce that my online coaching site is now available.

There are tons of good free bowling information readily available in cyberspace, but not many that actually teaches step-by-step a full syllabus that ensures you understand exactly why and how a certain bowling technique should be delivered.

I have always been a sucker for the basic fundamentals of bowling. I also know that this builds discipline…a very important ingredient in a good bowler.

In setting up BOWLEXCEL Online Academy, I hope more bowlers will have access to a proper bowling roadmap that ensures you are able to take your bowling to a higher level.

Many benefits await members in your own members-area, including a private forum where you can have your questions answered. You will also have access to step-by-step video tutorials on basic bowling drills.

You can check out the benefits of being a BOWLEXCEL member here:



Ivy and I hope to welcome you in the members-area!


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Malaysia crowns Bo Long and Zandra as new National Bowling Champions

The 3-days 24th Interstate Bowling Championships 2011 culminated with the Finals of the 35th Malaysian National Championships yesterday. Defending Champions Aaron Kong and Sin Li Jane failed in their bid to retain the titles they won last year.

This year’s Interstate Championships’ results have evoked some lingering memories of the 1st Interstate Championships held at the now defunct Kent Bowl in Petaling Jaya.

I then led a relatively inexperienced Team Sarawak to participate in the Men’s and Women’s categories. There were no Youth categories then. After more than 2 decades, Sarawak has emerged as the Overall Champion for the first time. CONGRATULATIONS Sarawak! I feel privileged to have been a part of Sarawak’s overall bowling development at its infancy stage.

In the Masters Finals to lift the 2011 Men’s and Women’s National Championships’ crowns, it was a close tussle among team members.

All top 3 Masters Finalists after 10 games in both divisions were either in the country’s elite or the recently disbanded elite-backup squads.

Eventual Men’s Champion Kang Bo Long who finished as 3rd seed, had to fend off 2-time former National Champion Adrian Ang (213-190) in the first stepladder round. Hence he set up a challenge with his former elite-backup teammate and top seed Yusuf Abdul Raof in a final stepladder Repechage format (1+1). A first game 226-176 win forced a second match that resulted in him again getting the better of Yusuf with a 244-191 win.

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