I would like to continue my last posting with an additional tip that should improve your scores.


– Accelerated Power Step –

The two-step drill is an integral part of a bowler’s bio-mechanical functions in the process of developing the power step. Besides acquiring good swing timing, the two-step drill also acts as a catalyst to developing an accelerated swing…a knowledge that is so advantageous in today’s modern power play.


Start by positioning yourself about 4-5 feet from the foul line.

Place your feet in the staggered starting stance, with the take-off foot (right leg for right handed bowler) about 3-4” further back.

Hold ball stationary by the side of the body. Extend balance arm to 8-9 o’clock.

Begin by pushing the ball forward. During the backward downswing, take a small step forward with the take-off leg.

When the ball reaches the apex of the backswing, you should be in the set ‘pro’ posture and your body weight should be centered on your take-off leg.

NOW you are in the power zone. With your take-off leg, push forward strongly to drive into the slide with your sliding leg…as you accelerate the forward swing.

The result will be a higher ball speed with higher rev rates.

Practise this drill until you achieve the desired results.

I would once again stress that your Basic Fundamentals are the building blocks for a solid game. Once you get them right, learning new things become a breeze.

Look out for more bowling tips in the weeks to come. Till then…have a blast on the lanes!

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The Balance Line Drill

 It’s been a while since I last posted some bowling tips. I was recently reminded of this by a bowler. So today, I would like to focus on a drill that will help you to produce more consistent results.

– Your Finish Position & Pendulum Swing –

Let’s start with your BODY POSITION.

1. Begin with the in-step of your sliding foot on the middle dot at the foul line. Bend your body forward so that your toe, knee and shoulder are above each other in a balanced line through your body.

2. Develop a deep knee-bend with the balance leg, while you develop a straight waist bend to get your shoulders above the knee. The trailing leg should be stretched back slightly.

3. The toe of the trailing leg should be UP ON THE APPROACH or should be turned over on its side. The trailing leg should be OFF TO THE SIDE to provide for balance. (About 45 degrees, creating a triangular base). Keep your body weight OFF THE BACK FOOT.

4. Your non-bowling arm should be stretched out parallel to your body between 8.00 and 9.00 o’clock for balance and counter resistance.

Now, let’s discuss the DRILL TECHNIQUE.

1. Begin by building the correct balance line at the foul line.
2. Do five swings starting with the ball motionless at the side.
3. Start the drill with the backward motion of the ball by pulling gently, and relax.

Swing # 1: Gently pull back and relax, let the ball swing freely.
Swing # 2: INCREASE the backward pull more, relax, let the ball swing freely.
Swing # 3: INCREASE the backward pull EVEN more, relax, let ball swing freely, and release the ball on this third swing
Swing # 4: Arm swing back, and relax.
Swing # 5: Arm swing back, and relax.

The 4th and 5th swings after the ball has been released are to determine if you can maintain your balance position (if you lose your balance, it indicates that you have pushed or pulled the ball and have not created a FREE PENDULUM SWING).

All swings must be the same, especially the 3rd one, where the ball is released.

Work on this drill and see if your consistency improves after a while. You can check out more FUNDAMENTAL TIPS here:

If you have any coaching queries, feel free to contact me at

Have a great day on the lanes…



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Kelly Kulick wins in Malaysia

 American Kelly Kulick, the first woman to win a PBA Tour title earlier this year, again showed her supremacy at the 33rd CANON MALAYSIAN INTERNATIONAL OPEN. She emerged top seed going into the Women’s Open Masters Final knockout matches. She did not disappoint, although she had her scary moments.

Kelly Kulick and Carolyn Ballard were the only two American PBA bowlers to take part this year. Carolyn was here to defend the title she won last year.

The lane conditions were described as ‘challenging’ and even Kelly, who has been bowling for 27 years (since she was 6 yrs old) had to dig deep into her experience to lift this year’s crown. In the quarter finals, she defeated 2005 Champion, Siti Safiyah of Malaysia with games of 196/212/224 against Safiyah’s 178/238/197 (won 2-1). Kelly had a relatively easy match against Liza Del Rosario of Philippines in the semi finals when she bowled lines of 191/216 to beat Liza’s 188/178. In the final matchplay, Kelly was stretched to the limits when she had to face a ‘spinner’ from Chinese Taipei in the name of HL Chien. Kelly lost the first game 184/211. She recovered to win the second game by a mere 6 pins when she shot a 218 game against Chien’s 212. Again in the decider, she had a close call although she finally clinched the title on a 211 game against Chien’s 201 game.

With her win, Kelly took home RM15000 prize money and a chance to defend her crown next year. HL Chien had to settle for RM7500.

In the Men’s Division, defending Champion Zulmazran Zulkifli of Malaysia was unable to make it a 3-times hattrick after crashing out in the quarter finals. However, team mate Adrian Ang was able to keep the title in the country when he beat Osku Palermaa of Finland in an exciting match to claim his first Malaysian Open title.

Adrian had earlier disposed off Shaker Al Hassan of UAE with wins of 279-191 and 238-202 in the quarter finals. He however did not have an easy passage against Hussain Al Suwaidi, also of UAE, in the semi finals. He was stretched to games of 261/238/199 against Hussain’s 187/247/169 (won 2-1) to set up a meeting with Osku who had earlier disposed off another Malaysian youngster, 18 yrs old Yusof Abdul Raof in the semi finals.

Both Adrian and Osku succumbed to apparently challenging lane conditions on their opening games…with Adrian shooting a poor 163 game and Osku with an even poorer 147 game. However, after many ball changes, they were able to get their act together in game 2 with Osku levelling the points to one each. In the decider, Adrian was able to prove he was a better bowler on that day, when he shot a 222 game against Osku’s 214 game.

An exciting match to watch overall. Home ground, home advantage, plus a hot streak after coming in second and beating a few PBA fellows at the Brunswick Euro Challenge in Paris just a week ago may have added to this young gun’s confidence to win his first Malaysian Open title. 

Adrian pocketed RM35000 for his win and Osku took home RM17000.

For detailed scores, please go to MTBC official website.





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