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How to apply the 3:1:2 Ratio System

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Here is a very simple but proven system.





Strikes occur more frequently when the ball strikes the 1, 3, 5 and 9 pins. But this accuracy is seldom achieved on the first few balls of practice or game. You should be trying to find a line.


When rolling practice balls, you should strive to establish an accuracy line. This line will be found when the ball hits the head pin and causes that pin to take out the 2, 4, and 7 pins, that is, those on the left side. To establish this accuracy line, you should use the 3:1:2 spot bowling ratio system to make the necessary adjustments.


This ratio system means that to create a 3-board difference or adjustment at the pins, a 2-board adjustment must be made at the starting position.


The 3:1:2 ratio system means that a 2-board adjustment at the starting position causes a 1-board difference in the finishing position at the foul line and a 3-board difference at the pins.


This adjustment technique can be used on any evenly-dressed lane condition and with any speed of delivery or any size of hook or curve. The system depends on ratios that exist between the various markers-spots on the approach and the lane.


The explanation of the 3:1:2 system is fairly simple. The pins are 45 feet from the arrows. The arrows are 15 feet from the foul line. The starting dots are 30 feet from the arrows. The initial ratio of all these points is thus 45:15:30. Dividing by 15, the greatest common divisor, reduces the ratio to 3:1:2.


Because the ball is delivered and pivots on the second arrow, a move of 2 boards at the starting position results in a change of 3 boards at the pins.


All bowlers should be encouraged to use this ratio adjustment system. It is a positive method for making adjustment and eliminates guesswork. Adjustments should always be positive and deliberate. However, as in all successful bowling methods, the delivery should be consistent.


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