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Learn Bowling Skills Online

After a short hiatus from the bowling scene to recuperate a medical condition, I am happy to announce that my online coaching site is now available.

There are tons of good free bowling information readily available in cyberspace, but not many that actually teaches step-by-step a full syllabus that ensures you understand exactly why and how a certain bowling technique should be delivered.

I have always been a sucker for the basic fundamentals of bowling. I also know that this builds discipline…a very important ingredient in a good bowler.

In setting up BOWLEXCEL Online Academy, I hope more bowlers will have access to a proper bowling roadmap that ensures you are able to take your bowling to a higher level.

Many benefits await members in your own members-area, including a private forum where you can have your questions answered. You will also have access to step-by-step video tutorials on basic bowling drills.

You can check out the benefits of being a BOWLEXCEL member here:



Ivy and I hope to welcome you in the members-area!


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