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A Tribute To A Great Bowling Coach

Some of you may have wondered why our bowling blog has been inactive for many months now. Some of you may know why.

It has been difficult to pen the reason, as there’s a feeling of finality that is always painful when we have to let a loved one go.

Jonathan was diagnosed with prostate metastatic cancer in January of 2009. Whilst we were told he had between 2-5 years to live, our hopes were always high that he would respond well to treatment and beat the death sentence. Truth be told, only a handful of people were aware of his illness as he responded well to his medications. However, we knew the day would come when the cancer cells would become uncontrollable.


We knew his days of coaching on the lanes were limited. Because of his love and passion for the sport of tenpin bowling, we decided to set up a membership site where bowlers could learn online, a comprehensive home study training program to take their bowling to the next level. Read the rest of this entry »

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