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Making a Post-Shot Analysis

Today, I would like to share with you some information I have found to be very useful. I have successfully applied this method to my trainees. Use it as a guide to improve on your bowling.

Here is a short excerpt from Dr. Chris Mesagno (sports psychologist and USBC coach).

Focusing on Post-Shot routines to maintain composure and make proper adjustments. By Dr. Chris Mesagno


~ A psychological post-shot routine is a sequence of thoughts the athlete employs after the shot execution that continues until a decision is made for the next shot attempt and pre-shot routine begins. The post-shot routine is important because you maintain composure during a game, series, or an entire tournament.

Using a consistent, healthy psychological post-shot routine can assist with reducing anxiety, improving quick decision-making and adjustments, and maintaining non-judgmental thinking. To recap, the first step to the psychological post-shot routine included asking the question “Did I execute the shot well physically?” after each delivery. If you answer “No” to this question, then your goal for the next attempt is to execute the next shot well. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Perfect Strike

Jon How do we achieve high scores in a game of bowling? We string as many strikes as possible! Needless to say, we pick up all remaining spares as well.

To understand how we are able to consistently shoot strike after strike, we have to understand the mechanics of bowling. This in itself is a complex subject and I won’t go into that today. I will only share with you how a ‘Perfect Strike’ works.

The Perfect Strike

When your bowling ball enters the 1-3 pocket, the 1pin will take out the 2 pin; the 2 pin will take out the 4 pin; and the 4 pin will take out the 7 pin. Simultaneously, the 3 pin will take out the 6 pin; and the 6 pin will take out the 10 pin. Meanwhile, the ball will continue to hook into the 5 pin which takes out the 8 pin. The ball will also deflect from the 5 pin into the 9 pin, thereby giving you the ‘Perfect Strike’ shot.

Visualize this picture everytime you make a pocket shot and you’ll be giving high-5s all the time!

Enjoy your bowling…


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BASIC RELEASE – Benchmark For Beginners

The failure to deliver a consistent score is almost always the result of improper ball release. This is a technique that should be mastered at the start of learning the sport of tenpin bowling. So today, I’m going to teach you how to do the Basic Release.


The position of the hand and wrist principally affect how the ball reacts on the lane. Potential energy is ‘stored’ for later use by how the hand and wrist are ‘cocked’ in the stance. This energy translates into hook and/or roll potential when it is utilized during ball release. The style of the bowler, the type of shot and the condition of the lane determine whether a lot or very little energy is stored.

There are two components to consider:   

 > Hand position (cocked, straight, uncocked)                                              

 > Wrist position (cupped, straight, broken)


Imagine that you are invisible. When bowling, a person at the back would be able to see right through you to the bowling ball in your hand.

Now, imagine a clock face positioned around the bowling ball, with 12.00 being straight up towards the ceiling. Use this mental image when we discuss hand position.

The hand position discussed here is the BASIC RELEASE. The basic release provides medium roll and medium hook potential. Read the rest of this entry »

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