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Getting Ready To Roll?

There are a few things we have to address before we start throwing balls down the lanes.

Are we appropriately dressed for bowling? I would advise you to dress comfortably in clothing that allows for freedom of movement. Too loose or too tight attire will hamper and restrict fluidity in your movements.

Next, find a ball that fits your hand properly. One that is not too tight or too loose. The rule of thumb is to pick out a ball that’s about 10 % of your body weight. A ball that’s too light or too heavy will affect your swing direction. Advanced bowlers tend to use heavier balls for optimum pin carry.

You have now selected a bowling ball. Get a pair of bowling shoes. Your ordinary day to day wear is not suitable and most bowling alleys disallow anyone without proper bowling shoes to get on the lanes. Get them from the alley. Alternatively, you can get your own equipment, though it is not necessary if you’re just trying to get a feel of the sport.

Time to get those muscles warmed up. Get into some stretching and flexing excercises. These should take about 3-5 minutes. DO NOT START BOWLING until you’ve completed your warm-up routine, otherwise injuries may occur.

Stay tuned for my next posting when I’ll be sharing the benchmark for beginners – The Basic Release.



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