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Leaving the 10 Pin: A Close Examination

I posted an article on The Perfect Strike a year ago (2009/02/22). I believe what I have for you today will benefit many bowlers who always lament leaving pin 10 standing.

LEAVING THE 10 PIN: A Close Examination

Most of the time when a good shot is thrown into the pocket, we anticipate a strike. This does not always happen. Your first thought could be you were just unlucky. Let me tell you this…luck has very little to do with it. The two diagrams I’ve drawn for you will explain exactly what has actually taken place.


You are looking at the ball hitting the pocket at a 60-ft distance. The ball could have struck the head pin slightly heavy (diagram A) or it could have struck the head pin slightly light (diagram B). Of course there’s always the question of the ball’s angle of entry to consider.


Ponder the above scenario. If you wish, you can leave me your comments on my Facebook Page (ABC To Bowling).


To all the fathers out there, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!




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