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How to apply the 3:1:2 Ratio System

 Today’s post is dedicated to all you fathers out there. Have a Happy Fathers’ Day!


Here is a very simple but proven system.





Strikes occur more frequently when the ball strikes the 1, 3, 5 and 9 pins. But this accuracy is seldom achieved on the first few balls of practice or game. You should be trying to find a line.


When rolling practice balls, you should strive to establish an accuracy line. This line will be found when the ball hits the head pin and causes that pin to take out the 2, 4, and 7 pins, that is, those on the left side. To establish this accuracy line, you should use the 3:1:2 spot bowling ratio system to make the necessary adjustments.


This ratio system means that to create a 3-board difference or adjustment at the pins, a 2-board adjustment must be made at the starting position.


The 3:1:2 ratio system means that a 2-board adjustment at the starting position causes a 1-board difference in the finishing position at the foul line and a 3-board difference at the pins.


This adjustment technique can be used on any evenly-dressed lane condition and with any speed of delivery or any size of hook or curve. The system depends on ratios that exist between the various markers-spots on the approach and the lane.


The explanation of the 3:1:2 system is fairly simple. The pins are 45 feet from the arrows. The arrows are 15 feet from the foul line. The starting dots are 30 feet from the arrows. The initial ratio of all these points is thus 45:15:30. Dividing by 15, the greatest common divisor, reduces the ratio to 3:1:2.


Because the ball is delivered and pivots on the second arrow, a move of 2 boards at the starting position results in a change of 3 boards at the pins.


All bowlers should be encouraged to use this ratio adjustment system. It is a positive method for making adjustment and eliminates guesswork. Adjustments should always be positive and deliberate. However, as in all successful bowling methods, the delivery should be consistent.


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Till the next post, happy bowling.



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It was Sharon’s day at Singapore Open Finals


Bowling: Sharon shines in Singapore

Sharon Koh won her first international Open title in Singapore yesterday.
Sharon Koh won her first international Open title in Singapore yesterday.

SHARON Koh killed two birds with one stone when she, after three near misses, finally nailed the Singapore Open title at the Superbowl Safra Mount Faber yesterday.

The win, which was Sharon’s first international Open’ title, has also guaranteed her a spot in the six-woman team for next month’s World Championships in Las Vegas.

Sharon, the 2006 world youth champion, stunned teammate Siti Safiyah Amirah Abdul Rahman, who won the World Ranking Masters last month, 211-181 for the title.

It was also a perfect ending for Sharon, considering that she only booked a spot in the Masters round after the 11th try in the Qualifying stage.

However, she turned her game around, with the help of national coach Holloway Cheah, to top the Masters round with a 16-game total of 3,772 pinfalls.
Sharon finished second in the 2006 and 2007 editions and fifth in last year’s tournament.

“I am extremely happy to have won the Singapore Open after three near misses. I hope with my performance here today (yesterday), I will be included in the team to the world meet,” said Sharon, who earned the winner’s cheque of S5,000 (RM12,250) yesterday.

‘My focus now is to train harder and help Malaysia achieve greatness in Las Vegas if I’m selected for the world meet.”

Siti Safiyah, who finished sixth in the Masters, had to bowl two extra rounds in the stepladder finals before earning a shot at the title against Sharon.

In the first match of the stepladder finals, Siti Safiyah bowled 245 as compared to Zandra Aziela’s 238 and Singapore’s Jasmine Yeong Nathan’s 228 to advance to the next stage.

Siti Safiyah also won the second match, against Singapore’s Cherie Tan and professional bowler Shalin Zulkilfi, on 248-226-222.

The encouraging performances of the bowlers prove that Malaysia are on the right track for the World Championships.

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Malaysia’s Female Bowling Icon…Shalin Zulkifli

 In Malaysia, the name Shalin Zulkifli is synonymous with Bowling. In many ways, she helped put Malaysia on the World bowling map.


Shalin was born in England, but brought up in Malaysia. She started bowling in 1989 when she would follow her parents to the bowling alley. To date, she has carved herself a most impressive list of achievements that include being voted Asian Bowler Of  The Year for two consecutive years in 2000 & 2001.  


Shalin has won gold medals in a host of impressive tournaments, including the Commonwealth Games/ ABF Tour/ Hong Kong/ Doha Asian Games/ SEA Games/ 20th Asian Championships.


Her most memorable moment was winning the World Tenpin Masters by defeating the then World Bowler Of  The Year, Tore Torgerson! 



In May 2008, Shalin became Malaysia’s first Probowler. This had always been a dream to her. Her next step would be to win a PBA title…ultimately achieving her dreams.


In the mean time, this determined and talented bowler hopes to qualify for the next PBA Tour which will start in August. Speaking to her recently, she conceded she was honored and proud to be the country’s first Probowler. She now has to go one step further…and that is to prove she belongs in the group of  top bowlers in the world.


Shalin was humble enough to admit that there’s still a lot of work she has to do to prepare herself to compete at the highest level of bowling. Watching the pros has opened her eyes to the stuff she needs to improve on.


On what tips she would offer to aspiring bowlers, Shalin has this to say:


Have more variations on your release and ball speed.

Don’t miss spares.

Listen to your Coach.

Never stop learning.

Must acquire more knowledge by doing your own research.


But the most important advice Shalin and hubby Azidi Ameran (former National Elite Squad member) are giving would be to ‘put country above yourself’.


You can find out more info on Shalin Zulkifli here: 


Till the next post,


Happy bowling





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