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Mental Preparation for Peak Performance

Here is another great reading material I believe would be of interest to many of you.

Depending on to whom you talk with, whether a coach, player, sports agent, or parent, you will hear that the mental component of sports performance ranges from having as little as 10% significance to as great as 90% of the performance curve.

Measuring success is a difficult task because achieving exactness in performance is quite challenging. However, if even the smallest percentage of one’s performance can be attributed to mental preparation one would think an athlete might consider implementing a mental game strategy to achieve that extra edge.

There are a number of techniques an athlete has at his disposal to strengthen the mental aspect of his performance. This article will introduce two of the more popular methodologies for improving one’s mental game. The best technique is the one that helps the athlete achieve the performance levels he aspires to. Should you require any further information or wish to learn more about how to implement any one of these strategies, please email

=== Imagery ===

Imagery in sport is essentially the re-creation of an experience that resembles the actual physical experience without actually performing the physical execution of the skill. The re-creation and sensory feeling of skill execution can be accomplished through verbal rehearsal (repeating out loud the individual task elements associated with execution of a skill), or by creating vivid sensory specific images of each element or step associated with execution of the skill.
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