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Typical Pindeck Setup

  I am surprised that many bowlers are not aware of a typical pindeck setup. So for the benefit of these people I have a diagram here that I hope will be able to assist you with your game.

Knowing how the pins are setup and the distance between the various pins will give you a clearer picture and an understanding when converting spares.

Many of us miss pin 5 because we think it is in the same position as pin 1. Usually, we will miss pin 5 on the left side because we tend to shoot from the same position as the STRIKE shot. We can’t be more wrong!

When trying to spare pin 5 or any combination of pins that places the 5 pin at the front, eg. 5-8, 5-9 or 5-8-9 combinations, we should make a slight adjustment of 2 boards left from the starting position.

Hope this helps…why not give it a try?

Meanwhile, stay tuned till next week when I’ll be sharing tips on how a ‘Perfect Strike’ works.

Happy bowling…


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