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THE STANCE POSTURE – Alignment with the lane and target

jonathan Hello again. We are back! Have been busy relocating,etc,but finally I’ve found time to resume communications.

Today,I would like to share tips on your Stance Posture.

The bowler’s stance is basically common sense. You are preparing yourself to perform a series of events.

The Stance Posture

Where are you going from the stance?

You are headed forward to the foul line. Obviously,inclining the body slightly forward at the knees and spine will encourage forward momentum. Centering your weight on both feet will enable you to spring forward with ease.

What angle are you playing?

Whether you bowl a straight or a hook game,your body must be aligned with the target in the stance.

What will your first movements be when you begin to bowl?

You must take a step forward while placing the ball in the pushaway position. You must preset the body to initiate these movements.

Tip: The goal of the stance is to place the body in a natural position to bowl. In any sport,the following is true:


Smooth and loose means fluid,coordinated balanced movements in the approach. This should be your goal.

I hope this knowledge will be beneficial in your strive to be a better bowler. You can check out a Special Offer in the spirit of Christmas at my website Till the next post… MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!





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