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Stress and Burnout in Youth Sports

Here’s another interesting article so relevant to today’s young athletes.

Athletes, parents and sports psychology professionals often have different ideas about burnout in sports. Research indicates that burnout gets in the way of a young athlete’s joy in sport participation, participation longevity, and ultimately performance success.

A beginning baseball player or bowler has a limited idea whether he is competent or not at the skills associated with hitting a baseball or bowling. Typically, the beginner is to a large degree participating in the sport because he senses he can play with some level of skill, it is fun, and provides an opportunity to socialize and be with friends. Over time the athlete either succeeds or fails to master the concepts of executing a specific skill. Stress and frustration can develop as a result of many factors.

Burnout “is a condition of psychological, emotional, and sometimes physical withdrawal from sport participation as a direct result from chronic stress”, Rotella, (1991). Each year many young athletes turn their heads from sport participation because of their frustrating “experiences” in sport. Sport psychology research points out that it is the sum total of experiences over time, the judgment of one’s performance, the pressure to perform, the stress of performing, the boredom, lack of joy, and the goals that others place on the athlete that ultimately lead the athlete to burnout and early retirement from sport. Read the rest of this entry »

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